What Do Doedicurus Eat In Ark? (Described for Everyone)

Doedicurus are easy to tame by simply shooting at them with tranquilizer darts or a bow and arrow because they don’t sprint and are easily kited. It is also very easy to tame as they are very docile and will not attack you unless provoked.

Tamed doedics will follow you around like a puppy and dole out food and water to you when you approach them. They will also chase you if you get too close to them or if they feel threatened.

If you want to keep them as pets you will have to train them to stay away from you and only approach you in a controlled manner.

This can be done by teaching them tricks such as jumping on your head or tail, chasing you with their tails, etc. Once you have trained them this way, you can then take them out into the wild and let them fend for themselves.

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What does a Doedicurus do in Ark?

Doedicurus is a very efficient quarry worker because of its spiked tail. It is able to carry stone at a faster rate than any other Pokémon because of its affinity for rocks.

Adventures comic, it is shown to be able to use its tail as a grappling hook, which it uses to pull boulders out of the ground. It is also shown that it has the ability to fly, as it was seen using its wings to soar through the air.

However, in the anime, this ability was never shown.

What is the best food for Doedicurus?

Depending on its diet, the Doedicurus eats Regular Kibble, Dilophosaur Kibble, Crops, Mejoberry, Berries, Fresh Barley, Fresh Wheat, or Soybean. You will need to feed it a variety of different foods to keep it healthy and happy.

It is recommended that you do not feed any food that is toxic to it, as this can cause it to become sick. You can also feed your Dino Dino a small amount of food every other day to help it get used to its new surroundings.

Can Doedicurus harvest obsidian?

Doedicurus can gather Obsidian, but only on specific rocks. Magmasaur can gather obsidian from the ground. Obsidian can also be used to craft weapons, armor, and other items.

Can you tame a Doedicurus with tranq arrows?

Don’t knockout a curled up Doedicurus. Since torpor is dependent on the damage of the torpor applier, the tranq arrows and any other damage that may be inflicted upon them will not do any good.