Apple Genius Bar Walk In • The Most Comprehensive Answer

You have to book an appointment with Apple in advance, otherwise you can’t just walk in. Genius bar is located in the back of the store and is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am until 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. It is also open on public holidays.

Can you walk to Genius Bar without appointment?

The best way to get Genius Support is to make an appointment before visiting the store. You can schedule an in-store appointment at If you have an Apple ID, you’re eligible. If not, please contact AppleCare at 1-800-MY-APPLE to find out.

Can I go to the Apple Store without an appointment?

You should schedule an appointment at the Apple Store nearest to you. If you are visiting from outside of the United States, please contact your local Apple Retail Store for more information. Store is 18 years of age. If your device meets the eligibility requirements listed below, then you will be eligible to receive a complimentary Apple Care Protection plan for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

How do I make a Genius Bar appointment without an Apple ID?

You cannot make a Genius Bar appointment online without an Apple ID. Apple users need to book their Genius Bar appointment online with an Apple ID. This wasn’t the case previously. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you’ll need to download and install the Genius bar app from the App Store. If you don’t already have the app installed, it’s available for free in the iTunes store.

Can I go to my Genius Bar appointment early?

Bar gets very busy, so you’ll have to make an appointment ahead of time if you want to meet with a Genius without waiting for a long time. Bar appointments for Mac products take 15 minutes each, while mobile appointments take 30 minutes.

How does Apple Genius Bar work?

Bar professionals will listen to customers and take information about Apple products to try and figure out the best solutions for repairs, warranty coverage and other issues. Bar can help customers find the right Apple product for their specific needs. “We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and this is a great example of how we are doing just that,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder and CEO, in a statement.

Can you make a Genius Bar appointment for someone else?

You can only make an in-person appointment for hardware support. Pick the option to call or chat with Apple Support or go to an Apple Store for help setting up products and services.

Is Genius Bar free?

They offer personal support when customers have problems or questions relating to their Apple products. Most services carried out at the Genius Bar are free. When repairs are complete, a non-warranty service is available for an additional fee. If you have any questions about your Apple product, you can contact Apple Support.

How much does Apple tech support cost?

The fee for a single incident of basic tech support is $19. Users will have the option to request an exception on the fee. Up until the official launch of the paid online chat, AppleCare employees have been instructed to grant such requests.

Can Genius Bar recover data from Iphone?

Unfortunately, a trip to the Apple store or Genius Bar will not get you any closer to getting your data back 99% of the time. Rather than fixing your phone, Apple would rather sell you a new one. This is not the first time Apple has done this, and it won’t be the last.

In fact, it’s only the latest in a long line of shady practices by Apple. The company has been accused of selling defective iPhones and iPads in the past, including the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPod touch 4th generation and iPad mini.