Age To Drink In Ireland ~ The Most Comprehensive Answer

Once a substantial meal is being served at a private function, those under the age of 17 can stay on under the care of a parent or guardian, and they cannot drink alcohol as it is against the law to do so. The age of majority is 18 years old.

Can a 17 year old go to a pub in Ireland?

Yes, when accompanied by their parent/guardian. Your kids can stay in an Irish pub until 9pm. Children under the age of 18 are only allowed in licensed premises if they are with a parent or guardian.

Can you drink in a pub at 16?

You can drink beer, wine, and cider with a meal at a licensed premises if you are 16 or 17 years old and accompanied by an adult.

It’s against the law for people this age to drink spirits in a pub, even if they have a licence to do so.

It’s also illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age of 18 in England, Wales and Scotland, or to buy alcohol for someone under that age.

Which country has the youngest drinking age?

older. The oldest legal drinking age in the world is 15 in the central african republic. U.S. is the only country that doesn’t have a legal minimum age for drinking alcohol, but it does have an age limit for purchasing alcohol. It’s 18 years old in most states, and 21 in Washington, D.C.

Can you drink at 16 in Ireland with parents?

The only way that a person under the age of 18 can legally drink alcohol in Ireland is in a private residence with the permission of a parent or guardian. “If you’re under 18, you can’t buy alcohol.

Is over 21s legal in Ireland?

Ireland, the legal age to sell alcohol is 18. Don’t forget to bring your ID with you! Driver’s licences and passports can be accepted as long as they are valid for at least 6 months. If you are under 21, you will need to show a valid ID.

Why are some bars in Ireland 21+?

The age definition for age 21 bars has a bit to do with younger folk passing as 18 and the extra 3 years gives a bit more age definition, for example a 15 year old might be 18 but not 21.

The door staff has the discretion of getting past the age limit. Age 21 is the minimum age to buy alcohol in the UK. It is not a legal drinking age in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.